Imanmehr Group has been elected as:
  • Top company in Food Industry in 2012
  • Elect company of The National Entrepreneurship Festival in 2012
  • Elect of Conference Of Immanent Products And  Individuals Of Industry in 2012
  • Elect of Top Brands of industrial, mine and trade conference 2013
  • Elect of Food Health And Safety Conference in 2013
  • Elect of Third National Entrepreneurship Festival in 2014
  • Elect  company in Food Industry in 2014
  • Elect of Conference Of Industrial Executives in 2014
  • Elect of Healthy And Tasty Flavors Conference in 2015
  • Elect of The First National Festival Of Successful Managers in Food Industry in 2015
  • Elect of The Key Of Success Festival in 2016
  • Elect of  National Festival And Exhibition of Medicinal Herbs, Natural Products And Traditional Medicine in 2016