Iman Mehr Group

     ImanMehr Group was established in 1988 with the aim of producing and exporting top quality Iranian natural products. As the third generation we benefit from invaluable experience of our ancestors during past 80 years on growing and processing medicinal herbs. With consideration of the important role of herbs and natural products in human being's life we produce our products. The abundance and wide variety of these products in Iran due to its special climatic conditions, has helped us to promote our business.

   Since the early years, our company paid special attention to the necessity of knowledge base core for such aim and thus invested extremely in scientific research and development centers in our country in order to create innovation and gain more experience in natural processing. Now after many years of wealthy experience, we are proud of being a chief member of main board of Medicinal Herbs Exporters Union as well as National Council of Saffron and Iran Organic Society.

    Our success is obliged to outstanding cooperation of our associates who are rich resources of knowledge and bound to high ethical standards in order to provide best services for domestic and international customers. The main goal of us is to achieve a healthy, joyful and pleasant life for everybody therefore we focus on high quality products, on time delivery and                                                                                                                     competitive prices in both domestic and international markets.

     Based on such ethical principles, we were able to meet a remarkable demand in local and global market. We export our products to European countries, China, Japan, Canada and Arabian countries around Persian Gulf and were considered as a prominent exporter for years.