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About Saffron

ImanMehr Pure Persian Saffron
Saffron "Crocus Sativus"

Crocus Sativus blooms from October to December.
Each blossom has three stigmas. About 150000 Crocus Sativus flowers are gathered to produce to one kilogram of dried saffron.
Saffron may be categorized under the international standard ISO 3632 and National Standard 259-2 after laboratory content measurement of:
  • Crocin (color)
  • Picrocrocin (taste)
  • Safranal (aroma)
Persian saffron is a natural spice also called Red Gold. This is the most precious valuable spice in the world.  It is a spice derived from the bright red stigmas of - Crocus sativus plant and is used for many culinary purposes and sweets or desserts to give them a fragrant color and medicinal properties. Saffron and Iran are uniquely linked together. Iran harvests over 90% of the world’s production of saffron. Persian saffron is globally known for its incomparable quality, fascinating fragrance, pleasant flavor, and superb coloring strength.

Usage of saffron
  • Food industry (Food, Beverages, confectionary, Spices)
  • Medicinal & Pharmaceutical, Supplements
  • Cosmetic
  • Flavorings
Dried saffron is composed of 12% water, 65% carbohydrates, 6% fat and 11% protein.
In comparison to other spices or dried foods, the nutrient content of dried saffron shows richness of nutritional value across B vitamins and dietary minerals. Saffron is excellent source of minerals like copper, potassium, calcium, manganese, zinc and magnesium.